Your Trusted Partner For Expertise In Reliably Identifying, Implementing and Delivering Advanced Technology Solutions.

Their Lives. Our Life's Work.

Your products are built to protect the most vulnerable and important parts of our world. We take that responsibility as seriously as it deserves to be taken.

That's why our virtual environments are constantly updated, ruthlessly tested, and second-to-none.

You can trust our analysis, not just with your tools and products, but with the security we all hold dear.

At TACMIL, we strive for nothing short of perfection. Anything less is fatal to more than our bottom line.


TACMIL is a division of Lightspeed Technology’s Advanced Research and Development Lab. It was created as a complement to the R&D activities to provide downstream product development and integration expertise for the automotive, aviation, space and defense industries.

We are a diverse team of engineering professionals and military veterans with decades of experience in delivering complex technical products in highly regulated industries such as Defense and Aerospace. Together, we have developed a holistic philosophy and practice that focuses on reducing risk for our partners as a primary deliverable.

Our Mission is:

"To be THE trusted partner for expertise in reliably identifying, implementing and delivering advanced technology"

Our core values are:

Collaboration | Performance | Accountability

Context matters and we feel the best way to provide solutions for our partners is to first see the problem space through their eyes and in their environment. We use Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) as a framework to help us understand the value chain we are seeking to improve.  Whether we are being provided with well-defined scope or an open-ended problem, we begin with collaboration and learning.

We work with our customers to validate insights and distill them into initial concepts and identify risks and unknowns. We use MVPs and Alpha testing de-risk critical items and propose a solution. We offer Firm-Fixed Price (FFP) contracts as one of our risk reduction deliverables and as a commitment to our core values.


We provide customized engineering solutions and services that reduce the risk of delivering complex technical products.

Our integrated V&V ecosystem is a customized framework that allows your team to automate testing, rapidly stand up simulators/emulators and build suites of reusable tests for regression testing or test-driven development strategies.

Please contact us for more details about our customized ecosystem solutions.

In addition to our integrated ecosystem, we also offer these services:


Our overall approach to working with customers is to seek long-term collaborations or partnerships. We actively seek opportunities for Open-Innovation arrangements or Joint Ventures that expose our team to new ideas and learning opportunities.  

If you are a customer, you are our partner and we seek to integrate our teams as fully as possible and  build trust through transparency, fairness and performance. We view every project as an important relationship that we seek build to and grow.